Upgrade of the excisting Logo.

My task was to optimize the existing logo and adapt it to the golden ratio. The challenge here was to ensure legibility with a particularly small display. The letters became a little bit narrower to enlarge the space in between.
A font was used and modified for the sublogos.
To ensure that this font is still legible in a small display, a separate background was added here.What should be kept were the skewed position of the letters, the angle in the H and the circle in the background.
before-afterSHE - Logo GridLogo GridLogo GridSub LogosColor Options
Ilana Broad
Co-Founder, SHE
"Our company, SHE, hired Daniel to upgrade an existing logo design in consideration of the “golden ratio.” Daniel was willing to work with us on a relatively tight time frame, and within our budget, but he never made us feel like we were a “budget project” to him; he was accommodating with scheduling conferences across different time zones around the world, and was extremely timely with his submissions to us. What started as a good idea grew to more perfect execution, thanks to Daniel’s specialization and eye. Seeing how all the angles and curves relate to each other in the wireframe was also incredibly cool! We have been extremely excited to show everyone our logo - it’s made waiting for our launch even more difficult because we’re so proud of Daniel’s work!"

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